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Changing over and playing recordings 

Accepting a mistake message when endeavoring to change over. 

On the off chance that you get the accompanying message: "The change of your video record has fizzled, and so on." it would be ideal if you check the document name under "Select video record" and ensure it is appropriately set. This record name should be a full way to the document, not simply the name of the record. For instance, on the off chance that you downloaded a video and spared it as "myvideo.mp4" in your "C:Videos" envelope, the "Select video record" box ought to have "C:Videos myvideo.mp4" in it not simply "myvideo.mp4" (no index name) or "C:Videos myvideo" (no document augmentation, for example ".mp4"). To get the whole document way in the "Select video record" box, click the "Peruse" catch and find the video on your drive, select it and attempt the transformation once more, ensuring the whole record and way is available and right. 

On the off chance that you are as yet accepting the mistake message, you might miss a codec or have clashing codecs on your PC. This is likely in the event that you are utilizing more established rendition of Windows or you have numerous video preparing applications on your PC. You should recognize what codec is absent or degenerate and fix it. There are a few codec packs accessible at destinations like, eg: Windows Essentials Media Codec Pack anyway we don't prescribe, we don't underwrite and we are not in charge of a specific codec pack. 

Expelling the video and keeping just the sound. 

Basically go to the Convert tab, select the video document and pick MPEG Audio Layer 3 (MP3) starting from the drop menu. In the "Pick Quality" exchange you can pick the nature of the mp3 yield record. Remember that a higher quality infers a bigger record measure. You can alter the volume or select just a specific piece of the video from the propelled change alternatives. Snap "Convert Video" and pursue the advancement in the action tab. 

Changing over a video with facebookvideodownloader for iPod Touch. 

Since the iPod Touch is increasingly like the iPhone, than to the iPod, so as to change over recordings for iPod Touch, if it's not too much trouble pick "iPhone Video" as the document type in the Convert tab. 

Not ready to play a video document changed over utilizing facebookvideodownloader. 

It is conceivable that your PC does not perceive the arrangement of the yield record. For best playback results we prescribe you to introduce VLC Media Player in the event that you are utilizing Windows Media Player, you have to introduce or redesign your sound and video codecs with an item, for example, the Windows Essentials Media Codec Pack. 

Changing over a record to video DVD or sound CD. 

facebookvideodownloader downloads recordings from different locales and changes over them to a few organizations. Making a video DVD or sound CD requires changing over sound and video to the right sorts and organizations, just as the capacity to compose documents with right names an